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多倫多台灣同鄉會TCAT這次在非常難得的機會裡邀請到黃宏加醫師 多倫多兒童醫院的首席副院長及醫療總指揮, 抽空與我們分享用 北美防疫團隊的經驗「如何預防孩子感染冠狀病毒」與台灣 張武修醫師長春藤全球健康生物科技股份有限公司總經理兼總院長, 來個加拿大與台灣的醫療交流互動, 同時讓我們鄉親朋友明瞭這之間的關係.


We will discuss key efforts made during the course of the pandemic to protect children from the efforts of the pandemic including the following:

🔶What is known about the direct and indirect impact of COVID-19 on the health of children

🔶Leading across multiple hospital systems to ensure that the medical system is able to care for children and youth

🔶Vaccination efforts aimed at protecting children and youth