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Toronto Taiwanese Chamber Orchestra

 The Toronto Taiwanese Chamber Orchestra was founded in October, 1999 and was officially registered as a non-profit organization of Ontario, Canada in August, 2001. In June, 2006, composer WANG, Ming-Hsing assumed the position of Music Director of the orchestra. The development of the orchestra has always strived towards achieving these three goals:

  1. to have a place for Canadian youths who enjoy music to share with and learn from each other.
  2. for young Canadian music lovers to have the opportunity to experience the Taiwanese musical culture.
  3. to enhance the cultural interchange between Canada and Taiwan with the help of performances and increase the multicultural aspect of Canada through the unique music of Taiwan.

The Toronto Taiwanese Chamber Orchestra holds concerts annually, and it has been invited several times to perform in the Greater Toronto Area, including the Royal Ontario Museum, the Harborfront Center, where the Taiwanese festival TAIWANfest is held, the Japanese Canadian Cultural Center of the Road to Asia, and much more.Our performers tonight are the strings instructors and principal violinists of the Toronto Taiwanese Chamber Orchestra.