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唱秋台客 Jingle Grill 2022

Saturday, September 3, 2022. From 11AM to 4PM

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還在煩惱烤肉要去哪裡烤或是跟誰一起烤嗎? 快來參加由九個台灣社團一起合辦的金烤盃 - 2022年之『唱秋台客』。有十足台灣味的烤肉,由於今年是睽違已久的金烤盃活動,碰上了COVID-19 新冠疫情的影響,可能就沒有過去以往的 Live band 的演出。但是呢…不要緊張,我們為此訂定特別主題“台客風” 例如台灣電影「艋舺」「當男人戀愛時」「角頭系列電影」等裡面台客的穿著為出發點,創造出你們心中台客的樣子喔!!!裝扮得越像說不定會有特別驚喜喔!還不揪上你的夥伴們一起揮灑熱血,合力贏得至高榮耀的金烤盃 ?!
地點:Earl Bales Park. 4169 Bathurst St. North York, ON.
費用:早鳥票 $25 (在活動前兩個星期 8月20日前 購票才有本優惠) | 當天$30。
Still, wondering where and who to barbeque with during this summer? Join us at the “Jingle Grill 2022” hosted by 9 Taiwanese Associations. There will be delicious BBQ food. Due to COVID-19, there will be no live band performances. However, we designed a dress code contest. The designed dress code will be “Taiwanese Lad.” If you have no idea what a Taiwanese Lad style is, you can find the movies like Monga, Man in Love (Taiwanese Version), and The Gatau series. If you dress as much as the topic, there might be a special prize. So what are you waiting for? Bring your friends along, and YOU may be THE ONE to claim our Jingle Grill trophy!
[ LOCATION ] Earl Bales Park. 4169 Bathurst St. North York, ON.
[ TIME ] Saturday, September 3, 2022. From 11AM to 4PM.
[ FEES ] Early Bird: $25 (Please noted, a discount for people who book 2 weeks or August 20, 2022, before the event). Drop in: $30
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TYPEA 多倫多青商專業協會
TCU 台灣信用合作社
YTMAT 多倫多台灣商會青年創業協會
TCCSA 台灣僑民社區服務中心
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