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Tigers are solitary creatures and not one tiger is alike. For humans, each of us has a unique soul, and our differences form the treasures of humanity. Tigers are humble animals, known for their patience and determination. For humans, these traits are virtues that often determine whether one is accomplished or just ordinary. Tigers naturally share their food, instinctively protecting each other within their streak. For humans, we are still learning to coexist together with Mother Nature, generation after generation. As tigers become increasingly endangered, we humans need to face the reality of the environment we all share. 

In Lunar New Year traditions, people eagerly anticipate the coming year, looking for signs about the new year’s prospects. These celebrations of heritage are ways for us to honour our ancestors and acknowledge our cultures; however, these traditions are often rooted in history and have little relevance to the living now. The purpose of a festival should not be just about preserving the past; it should be about leaving a legacy to inspire future generations, to show them how different generations can unite and become stronger together.

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